Buy Low

In fantasy baseball, if you're looking for help either via the waiver wire or a trade, chances are you won't be able to cherry pick the best performing players currently. What you may be able to do however, is look for players who are slumping seriously. Players who other managers already gave up on and dropped, or players another manager is willing to trade away. Here are some of those players:

  • Ian Kinsler - he's batting .191 in the last month. He's bound to bounce back, but another manager could be frustrated with his batting average and be willing to trade at this point
  • Bobby Abreu - 19 of 108 in the last month at the plate. That's a .176 clip. He won't continue this slump for very much longer.
  • Johnny Damon - only 10 runs and batting .238 in the last month. In 2006, after batting .257 in May, Johnny hit .311 in June. June is approaching quickly.
  • Paul Konerko - he's belted five homers in the previous month, but is only hitting .196. Similar to Damon, Paul had a mediocre May in 2006, hitting .234. He came back with a real strong June, batting a strong .366.

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