Moneyball Fantasy League Strategy

For those who subscribe to the Moneyball theory of fantasy baseball, which states that past performance is a good indicator of future performance, let's take a look at who excelled in the month of June one year ago.

Home Runs

Jason Giambi 11
Justin Morneau 10
David Wright 10
Ken Griffey Jr. 9
Raul Ibanez 9
Adam Dunn 9
Ryan Howard 9

Most of these guys are way off-limits. But….you might be able to get a hold of Giambi, Griffey or Ibanez.


Justin Morneau 29
David Wright 29
Raul Ibanez 27
Garrett Atkins 27
Richie Sexson 26
Carlos Beltran 25
Lance Berkman 25
Ibanez shows up on both the top home run and rbi producer lists for June of 2006. If he is still available……….


Jose Reyes 28
Adrian Beltre 27
Curtis Granderson 25
Mike Cameron 24
Carlos Beltran 24
Julio Lugo 24
So Taguci 23
Grady Sizemore 23
Raul Ibanez 22
Todd Helton 22

Recognize a name on this list, from the previous two lists?

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